About Me

image Massage Therapy is a wonderful component to overall health.  I became interested in massage when my family had acquired some health issues I gave them massages with essential oils to  massage help alleviate their chronic pain. I love essential oils and massage because they have helped my family so much.  I decided to pursue massage therapy   and received training in Colorado, Arizona, and Washington.  I am currently licensed in Washington, Colorado and Arizona.

My main focus in my sessions is to provide an amazing massage and  address any issues my clients are having, stress,  limited ranges of motion, muscle pain, or discomfort are issues that may be helped through methods and techniques of massage.  I integrate an overall soothing massage with deep tissue.

Whether you need a specific area addressed or just coming in for a relaxing Swedish Massage, you will find caring hands to relieve your stress, sooth your tight muscles and help your body heal. 


 I look forward to hearing from you.