I offer full chest and breast massage for all clients, male or female, because it is extremely healthy.  I can also refer you to some great female massage therapists who offer full chest and breast massage if you are more comfortable with a female practitioner. Either way, let me tell you some more of the compelling whys, whats and hows behind this offering.

But first, let me say three things…

  1. You must specifically request full chest and/or breast massage if you would like to receive it. Again, this is for both men and women. I will ask you on my intake form what work, if any, you want to receive on your chest and/or breasts. If you decide that you want work done on your chest and/or breasts, I will make sure that we are both very clear on what parts of your chest you want massaged and how you want them massaged. All chest and breast massage will be done in accordance with the Washington State Laws and Regulations that govern massage and I have taken the extra professional education required to work specifically on  breasts/chest massage.

  2. I do not offer this work as an effort to sexualize your body or your massage experience. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I work with the chest and breasts in a way that normalizes the experience. The work on your chest and/or breasts should feel like an integrated part of your entire massage. It should not feel awkward, overtly sexual or gratuitous. You are always in control of your massage as well as where and how work is done.

  3. Breast massage therapy increases circulation, lymph flow, ridding the body of toxins and helping your breasts to maintain their shape and reduce  sagging of the breast tissue. It also helps to reduce the incidence of fibroids and cysts.  Breast massage therapy provides relief from pain and stress associated with bra compression or pre-menstrual syndrome.  It can actually eliminate pain in the chest and strengthen the chest muscles, building resilience in your ligaments. Breast massage is   also recommended to aid post-surgical recovery.

And define three things specifically for this conversation…

Breast Tissue: The noticeably different skin area directly over the tissue made up of milk glands, milk ducts and supportive tissue (dense breast tissue), and fatty tissue (non-dense breast tissue) with the exception of the aerola and nipple. Aerola: The area of pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple. Nipple: The noticeably raised surface at the center of the breast

And Finally, The Compelling Whys, Whats and Hows…

  1. Why Get Breast Massage: Your full chest and/or breasts  massage has an array of health benefits  and it feels amazing to be treated as a whole human being, not divided into touchable and untouchable parts.

  2. What Exactly Is a Full Chest/Breast Massage: I integrate  therapeutic self-breast massage protocol   to be therapeutically effective and still give a wonderful massage experience.

  3. How Do You Integrate Full Chest and/or Breasts Into Your Massage: There are so many wonderful ways to integrate full chest and/or breast massage into your massage session as well as to separate it from a full-body massage. Ultimately, you decide on how your body, including your chest and/or breasts are massaged.

I realize that this can be a very personal subject area and it can significantly challenge all of our boundaries in terms of touch, intimacy and modesty (and by “all of our” I mean clients and therapists and closely associated third parties). That is why it is important to at least start the conversations. So please talk to someone that you trust about this, your primary health care provider, or you can always call, text or email me with any questions about full chest and/or breast massage.

Howard Townsend

Cell: 360-523-4849
Email: newpathmassagewa@com